Email Broadcasting Gold Plan

Email Broadcasting Gold Plan
Email Broadcasting Gold Plan
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Email Broadcasting through our Electronic Post Office enables it’s users to deliver documents to hundreds, thousands or millions of Email addresses.  Send us your documents via our on-line access or by email and we will deliver your information quickly, predictably and with full accountability to all of your recipients.

Here are 5 Reasons you should consider our Email Mail Processing Systems.

1. We clean your Email list for duplicates and run against our  We also test your email message for delivery through AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN to ensure format  integrity and delivery.

2. We can provide you with “Click through Reports” that show you who is responding to your email and who is clicking to your web site pages.

3. After each job we provide our success and failure email reports, showing you email address,  date and time of delivery. Along with a status line showing if your email was delivered.

4. We can add graphics, links, audio and design effective email programs for your success along with response forms.

5.  Cost effective Email Plans that can help increase your sales and awareness and keep your costs to affordable levels.

How do your Email Plans work?

When you select either our Basic, Bronze, Silver or our Gold Email Plans we create an online account for you and your business to use and add FREE promotional money for you to use along with your funds.

Here is a example, if you select:

Electronic Post Office Gold Email Plan: You will place $350.00 in your online account and we will add an additional $190.00 in FREE Promotional Funds totalling $540.00 for you to use. That is an extra 55% in Email Funds. Under the Gold Email Plan you can send up to 12,500 Email Messages Per Month for a cost of $90.00 per month. So when you select our Gold Email Plan you can send 12,500 Email Messages per month for the next 6 months.

Here are some other Monthly Email Plans: These Plan's require a 3 month committment.

Bronze Plan: 1 - 5,000 Email Messages Per Month - $50.00 per Month or 1  cent per Email Message. Plus FREE Email Message Creation by our team of Email designers.

Silver Plan: 1 - 10,000 Email Messages Per Month - $75.00 per Month or 3/4 of a  cent per Email Message. Plus FREE Email Message Creation by our team of Email designers.

Gold Plan: 1 - 25,000 Email Messages Per Month - $125.00 per Month or 1/2  cent per Email Message. Plus FREE Email Message Creation by our team of Email designers.

Once your Plan is processed you will receive a email with your username and password to access your facsimile account and begin sending your fax messages. (Normally with 5-10 minutes).

You can then create a 1, 2 or multi page document as a MS word, PDF or other document that you wish to send to your Email Message.

Acceptable Message and list formats are  jpg, JPG, jpeg, gif, png, txt
DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PUB, PDF, TIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF. XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, DBF, xls, xlxs, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pub, pdf, tif, dbf, csv, txt.

Once you sign on and upload your Message and Email List are joined together and a sample proof is Emailed to you  for approval. Once you approve your Email message, depending on the time, date that you scheduled your Email delivery, your Email is sent digitally to the appropriate recipient for delivery.

Once your Email messages are delivered, you will receive by email both Email success log reports and Email Failure log reports. Our failure report will show you the reason for your Email failures.

Depending on the Speed of Delivery, Volume and added features our Delivery Options are:

Business Day Delivery: 9AM – 6PM EST  (Most Recommended to Avoid  SPAM)
Off Peak Delivery: 6:01 PM – 8:59AM EST
Weekend-Off Peak: 9 AM Saturday – 11:59PM Sunday, EST
Immediate Delivery: Within 1-2 Hours 24/7 (Most Recommended to Avoid  SPAM)

We also comply with the 2003 Can SPAM ACT. We maintain a Nationwide Do Not Email List and every Email list prior to sending is compared to this Do Not Email List. We also add an Removal Engine for fEmail removals at the bottom of your Email.

Electronic Post Office Email Processing Benefit’s

  • Customer Support
  • List Management Options, deduping, corrections and cleaning through our Global Do Not Email Lists.
  • PostScript, TIFF, PDF, ASCII and Word Processing Software Support, MSWord,
    PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, WordPerfect
  • 100% Compliance with CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
  • Detail, Success, Failure Email Reports
  • Click Through Email Reports
  • Immediate or Business Day Delivery.
  • Graphics, Links, Sound and Animination Available
  • Department Billing Codes
  • Stored Letterhead, Graphics

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