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Facsimile Broadcasting & Email Broadcasting are cost effective ways to reach all 535 members of Congress and the President of the United States to voice your approval or disapproval of these immediate issues.

  • Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Use as Secretary of State.
  • President Obama through the ATF to ban popular AR-15 ammunition.
  • Give Congress a say on upcoming IRAN Nuclear Deal.
  • Sending Troops on the Ground to fight ISIS.

These are just a few of the HOT Topics that we need to Voice our Opinions on to Congress and the President.

Every week we can add your Name, Email and Telephone number to our Email Messages and Fax Messages telling our elected officials that you are FOR or AGAINST the above 4 HOT Topics in hopes that they will listen to the PEOPLE of the United States of America when making these decisions.

The cost is only $4.95 per month - that is less than 1 cent each to reach all 535 Members of Congress and the President on a variety of topics each and every month. 

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We also comply with the 2005 Junk Fax & 2003 Can Spam Laws. We maintain a Nationwide Do Not Fax & Email List and every fax or email list prior to sending is compared to this Do Not Fax  & Email List. We also add an Toll Free 800 Number for fax removals at the bottom of your first page of your fax, in the event you do not have an 800 Toll Free Number.

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