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Does Your Company Twitter?

Twitter is growing bigger day by day and it is becoming a very powerful marketing tool for the business minded people online.  If you are someone who is seeing this potential in Twitter, then you know that the fundamental requirement is to have more followers that follow your every tweet.  More followers mean more chances of real people – real executives – real businesses seeing your twits with subtle ads (of course).

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages.  People write short updates, often called “tweets”  of 140 characters or fewer.  These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and are searchable through Twitter search.

Our goal is simple. To help your company build a following of 10,000 , 100,000 and over 1/2 Million followers or more. So the challenge now for most business owners and marketers is to increase your Twitter followers.

Following someone simply means receiving their Twitter updates.   When you follow someone, every time they post a new message, it will appear in your Twitter home page.  New messages are added to your home page as people post them, so you always get the updates in real time.  When you log in, you can see what the latest updates are.  Twitter offers other ways to follow people too; you can even get updates from certain people on your cell phone!

Watch your list of followers explode before your very eyes.  As you follow, people follow you back. The Twitter phenomena is called “reciprocal following” in Twitter where people like to be followed and they will follow those who followed them in return.  If you have a target number, work on a very conservative 20% following those who follow you.  Your twitter exposure will increase day after day.

Your chosen Twitter page background, design and well-written Twitter Bio play a major role in getting more people to follow you.  Take the time to get or create a very good background for your Twitter page as well as a very enticing and descriptive Bio.  And of course, provide useful tweets to your followers.

Every public update sent to Twitter from anywhere in the world 24/7 can be instantly indexed and made discoverable via our newly launched real-time search. Did you just feel an earthquake? What do people think about your company, your product, or your city? With this newly launched feature, Twitter has become something unexpectedly important—a discovery engine for finding out what is happening right now.

Searching Outside the Box

Twitter teaches us new and amazing things every day and the big lesson to be learned is that searching is so much more than a box and a button. As public tweets fly in from around the globe, we analyze them to detect when certain words or phrases occur with higher frequency. These trending phrases are surfaced in the Twitter home page just under the new search box and they’re updated throughout the day. Built on our search technology, trends are a compelling if rudimentary way to explore a collective global consciousness.

                                 A Simple Approach

Accessing is a simple experience—you sign in and read the updates from the accounts you have chosen to follow. If you’ve been using Twitter for a while, you’ve probably amassed an interesting collection of updates from friends, family, co-workers, businesses, media organizations, and maybe even a favorite celebrity. With the addition of search, you can ask Twitter to build you a fresh timeline of updates based on a keyword or phrase. It’s a whole new experience with a familiar look and feel.

Why outsource your Twitter works to Electronic Post office?  Simple.  We love working on Twitter and can help you get your message out – (we are a communications company) and build your Twitter volume of followers. We become part of your Communications Team – by informing your followers of updated information on your company, your web site or your product line.  We help you gain new followers that will see who you are. This helps increase awareness, sales and profits.

If you are looking for an economical way to make it big in Twitter without adding to your staff responsibilities, then let us help you.  For a monthly charge you’ll get full service support from our staff working for you at Twitter virtually 24/7.   Just let us know the details of your Twitter requirements and we will get the job done.

If you are like our other clients, you’ll probably want to make more of awareness on Twitter, which results in more sales and more profits.  Your Twitter projects can be more successful if you will focus on what is important for you – running your business – rather than running after what needs to be manually done on Twitter by you or your staff members.

If you spend too much time on Twitter and you can no longer focus on your the day-to-day corporate focus, it’s time to outsource your daily Twitter routine to us. You don’t want to waste your time and energy on something you can effectively outsource with the same results as doing it in house only at a more cost effective cost.

Whatever your Twitter business requirements are, whether it’s simple information inputting, marketing and awareness or sales development and branding, that need is intensive day-to-day, weekly or monthly, you now have a team willing to work with you and deliver the results.  We are sure to deliver because we will focus on what you want rather than just what we need to do.  In simple terms, we treat your business as our business.

We will understand your business model and adapt to your requirements in the quickest possible time frame.  Just tell us exactly what we need to do or the results you want and expect. We are more than willing to deliver.  We are committed to roll out your Twitter updates on the timeline you desire.

Participating in social media takes a ton of time (if you want to do it effectively). In fact, it’s pretty common for people to spend too much time pursuing social media, and not enough time on other important things that can also grow your business. Of all social media, Twitter is proving itself to be the most important. And; take it from us, Twitter is addictive! It’s easy to get distracted by tweets and procrastinate doing other things.

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